General conditions for the use of the EDAHABIA or CIB card


These conditions of use rules the service (ALGERIA TELECOM’ Services Online Payment) named hereafter “the service”, Their purpose is to define the terms and conditions given by ALGERIA TELECOM public telecommunications operator named hereafter “AT”, that provides to its customers subscribed to ALGERIE POSTE and SATIM named hereafter the “customer”, this service via an online payment platform. The Service is provided by AT for the landline and internet customers, named hereafter “basic service(s)”. Using the Service means that the Customer accepts these conditions. The Customer should keep and/or print these conditions.


The Service allows Customers the online payment for the Basic Services via Algeria Telecom’ customer space on « » via ALGERIE POSTE and SATIM payment platform.
The Customer, wishing to use the Edahabia or CIB credit card online payment service, have to:
1- Have a EDAHABIA or CIB credit card
2- Be registered on your AT customer space via “” website.
AT will not requests at any time by ‘email’ from the customer confidential code (the visual cryptogram on the back of the Edahabia or CIB credit card). The internet payment for landline and ADSL on " " customer space is secured by AT, which offers a full secure payment service.


3-1 Customer's obligations

The Customer must make the use of the service as personal and private; the Customer declares accepting the characteristics and limits of the Internet network, and knowledge the nature of the Internet network, particularly its technical performance, response times of consulting and querying or transferring information. When the costumer gives access to his own data or software via Internet, he took the responsibility for all appropriate measures to maintain those DATA availability, integrity and confidentiality, and protecting them from possible viruses.
AT reserves the right to exercise all possible means against the Customer or any third party who attempts to use the Service in a way non conform with the provisions hereof, fraudulent and against the current regulations.

3-2 AT obligations

AT uses all possible means for the functioning of the Service 24 H/day, 7 days/ week.


AT will not be taken responsible for :
1- The non-availability of the Service.
2- Possible fraudulent use of the Service, any damage that may result of the use of the service by others, whether the Customer was aware or not of this use.
3- De facto of the customer himself.
4- De facto, of unpredictable and insurmountable, third party outside the contract.
5- Force majeure as defined in the case law.
6- Direct and indirect and/or immaterial damage to the Customer when using the Service (commercial damage, DATA loss, intrusion, virus, service interruption, or other involuntary problems).


AT can suspend the Service after a prior notice to the Customer by all means possible, unless the information communicated during the use of the Service were incorrect, in that case without prior notice.
The Customer acknowledges and accepts that AT may at any time suspend the Basic Service to which this Service is attached, in case of fraudulent or abnormal use of the service, if not respected by the costumer, AT reserves the right to suspend or refuse access to the Service.


AT reserves the right to modify or update those conditions any time without prior notice. All modifications or updates of these conditions will be effective on their publication date.


This online payment terms are under the Algerian legislation.
Any disagreement about the execution or interpretation of these online payment terms shall be taken before the competent Algerian jurisdiction.